Construction litigation can seriously damage or even destroy AEC companies.

According to an NBS survey, more than 34% of companies have claimed that at least one of their contracts, they have been involved with, went into dispute, of which more than 44% being valued at 250,000 GBP or more in 2017. It’s critical to keep project risk as low as possible, especially with the growing amount of data aggregated in a single project and complexity of building projects.  How can firms today create better processes to mitigate litigation? 

Register for our webinar “How to Eliminate AEC Project Risk” to learn how London architectural practice “Farrell`s architects” mitigates project risk.  Hear invaluable perspective from James Cooke, Customer Success Manager from Newforma, and Judith Kelemen, Architect from Farrell’s Architects, discuss the numerous benefits of a project information management solution and how it delivers low project risk and optimised collaboration.

James Cooke
Customer Success Manager, Newforma

Judith Kelemen
Senior Architect, Farrells Architects

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