The AEC industry has long been considered a laggard in terms of technology adoption. Even with advancements in productivity and collaboration software that help drive better project outcomes, design and construction firms are still utilizing old-school, administrative processes. 

The consequences?

Project team members are wasting valuable time on tedious tasks when they could be working on other high-value projects. Not to mention, the added costs and inherent risk to the firm for relying on antiquated processes. In this webinar, Newforma's Director of Partnerships, Aaron Kivett, will be joined by special guest and the Founder of the Construction Progress Coalition, Nathan Wood, to examine and discuss: 

  • Industry trends and challenges with technology adoption and collaboration between Design and Construction firms in 2020

  • How to identify opportunities for digital transformation at both the project level and business enterprise

  • How to develop a framework for technology integration success in 2020 and beyond
Aaron Kivett
Director of Partnerships

Aaron Kivett spent 9 years at BNIM Architects in Kansas City learning first-hand about information management in the design industry. He has spent the past 9 years as Newforma’s technical product manager, helping global Architecture, engineering and construction firms solve information management problems.

Nathan Wood
Executive Director

As the Executive Director of CPC, Nathan Wood is responsible for developing and growing CPC's mission and vision. This includes speaking at industry events and webinars and producing reports from CDX initiatives. Nathan also contributes to the Construction Shared Pains Podcast. As Chief Enabling Officer of SpectrumAEC, Nathan helps organizations and project teams break down the barriers to digital transformation by developing strategic action plans to address the challenges between people, process, and technology.

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