In any industry, project management and coordination are a considerable undertaking, and the AEC industry is no exception. Each project involves hundreds, if not thousands of moving pieces, and coordinating architects, engineers, and contractors to manage and deliver each component can be a logistical nightmare. According to Newforma’s State of Technology Executive Report, respondents in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are most challenged with administrative workloads. The inefficiencies in processes are costly, and time is money. 

So, why aren't Design and Construction firms doing anything to solve the issue?

In this webinar, Brian Guidotti of Newforma will be joined by Jennifer Bertram of Lionakis and Kevin Sultanik of Arora Engineers to examine why firms are still challenged with administrative workloads, even with the advancements in technology. Panelists will discuss:

  • Why firms continue to struggle with administrative workloads
  • What are the most significant implications of not solving this issue
Finally, panelists will share success stories and examples of how their firm's project teams avoid tedious admin work.
Brian Guidotti
Solutions Engineer

Jennifer Bertram
Administrative Resources Manager

Kevin Sultanik
Project Manager