Executive Report

The 2019 State of Technology
AEC Firms

In December 2018 we surveyed over 1200 AEC firms and gained invaluable insight into software ecosystems, top technology challenges and top project information challenges.

Beyond the data around software ecosystems, our survey also revealed there is a 25 percent chance a firm in the U.S. will be named in a legal dispute. Attendees will glean invaluable insight into how to de-risk their firm while also powering collaboration with a diverse project team, project workflow, and how to streamline office-to-field communications and file share.

By downloading this report, you'll receive invaluable insight on numerous technology data points including:

  • Most common mobile devices being used in the field
  • Time and billing software
  • Email software
  • Construction specification software
  • ERP software
  • PDF viewing and mark-up software
  • Collaboration software
  • Contract Management software
  • Design software
  • BIM software
  • Project file storage solutions