Easily Manage BIM Workflows


In the AECO industry, project teams are constantly under pressure to deliver projects on time and under budget. The threat to success could be your internal process. Without a streamlined, organized flow of critical project information, teams can be at the mercy of tedious administrative tasks, hindering efficiency and jeopardizing project deliverables. 

Coupling BIM and PIM reduces risk, improves the management of BIM workflows, and enables more-informed decisions to be made quicker, preserving your team’s valuable time. 

Join Brian Guidotti, Newforma Solutions Consultant, for this exclusive webinar where he’ll discuss how Newforma’s BIM connector can help you: 

  • Streamline the document control and sheet-naming process
  • Utilize information directly (such as elements and spaces) from the model in Newforma
  • Automatically create and close action items from the clash detective
  • Register the model earlier by pulling information from Newforma Project Center
  • Make global changes in the model using Newforma's Revit add-in
  • Create and send markups on model snapshots

Brian Guidotti
Customer Success Manager and Technical Consultant

Brian Guidotti is a Solutions Consultant and Customer Success Manager at Newforma. Over the last ten years, he has held multiple positions within Construction IT before transitioning into the software industry, assisting architects and engineers in the implementation of project information management software. 

Currently, Brian serves as a Project Information Management (PIM) expert by helping Newforma customers with their unique project information challenges, maximizing their investment of Newforma products.

Associate/Contract Administration

Senior Associate/BIM Manager