Ease how you collect, search, manage and share project data with team members. 

The AEC industry is unique; the success of a business hinges on how well project teams collaborate and share project information - while firms are drowning in massive amounts of project data. Collecting, organizing, searching and sharing project data including emails, drawings, updates to drawings or specs, change orders, RFIs, and submittals, etc., can create mountains of unwanted administrative work. Your ability to make timely and accurate project decisions hinges on your ability to manage project information well. To further complicate matters, project teams are typically unique, often brought together only one time for a project. Under these conditions, creating repeatable project workflows to share data with project team members and streamline project workflows may seem impossible. 

What if project team members could continue to work the way they prefer to work, and if you could easily collect, search, share and manage project data while also minimizing administrative workload? 

To learn how this is possible, Join Brian Guidotti on June 27th in a webinar. Brian will discuss how your firm can thrive in these conditions while demonstrating processes using Newforma’s PIM software. 

Highlights from this webinar include:

  • Decrease the time spent searching for files.
  • Reduce project delays and cost overruns through improved communications via fast access and distribution of the most relevant project information.
  • Ensure project team members are viewing the most current project information.
  • Minimize risk in post-project litigation with software that maintains and preserves a full audit trail.

Customer Success Manager and Solutions Consultant, Newforma

Brian Guidotti is a Solutions Consultant and Customer Success Manager at Newforma. Over the last ten years, he has held multiple positions within Construction IT before transitioning into the software industry, assisting architects and engineers in the implementation of project information management software.

Currently, Brian serves as a Project Information Management (PIM) expert by helping Newforma customers with their unique project information challenges, maximizing their investment of Newforma products.
BIM Manager, PS&S

Tom Maleski is a BIM Manager /Senior Associate at PS&S. A graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology, he has worked in the AEC space focusing on Architecture, Structural, Fire Protection, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical. In his current role, he develops and implements BIM and CAD strategy, as well as provides training, support and mentoring to staff and manages Building Group software.

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